James Gorman is the commander of Clawhammer forces and the main antagonist of Socom 4.

Gorman is first seen at the NATO HQ in Southeast Asia arguing with Lt. Park (Codenamed: FORTY-FIVE) of the South Korean 707th about recon deep in Naga territory before having NATO OPS COMMANDER head into the capital to assist U.S. forces where he soon pulls back to Gorman's mobile HQ. Upon reaching the HQ however it is destroyed by a Naga tank and it is assumed by the COMMANDER that Gorman was killed. However at a Clawhammer base (WWII bunkers) where FORTY-FIVE sneaks into it is revealed that Gorman is alive and in charge of the Clawhammer operation. Learning that Gorman sent her team into an ambush unpurposly she attempts to snipe him but is stopped by the COMMANDER when he tells her that killing Gorman would cause them to lose their only lead. After bugging his helicopter he and a soldier named Warner enter the area and Gorman talks about his plans with an unknown Colonel by phone before leaving by helicopter. He is later seen in another Clawhammer base in the mountains talking about destroying a tanker. Later when the COMMANDER attempts to shut down a missile launcher Gorman appears and shoots him in the back, he then talks about Clawhammer's plans and how both him and Razad tried to explain this to him and the COMMANDER didn't listen to either of them. Gorman than shoots the COMMANDER two more times before getting stabbed in the neck and running off. He is once again seen in the capital at a train station where he is either killed by FORTY-FIVE or apprehended by Mackenzie Douglas' (Codenamed: ORACLE) men.