Meely was a member of the Albanian arms trafficking group, the Sesseri Syndicate. He, along with Agon, was employed a guard at one of the Sesseri Syndicate's arms caches.


Meely was guarding the road leading to one of the Sesseri Syndicate's caches when Specter and his team arrived. Specter's team witnessed Meely and Agon asking Foreman Besnik for the password to enter the cache. Meely and Agon were both killed by Specter's team during the mission.


  • If the player waits in the nearby grass for Meely and Agon to walk up next to them they will overhear a conversation. This conversation will reveal the name of a Sesseri Syndicate leader, General Mizlech Rugova. Overhearing this conversation counts as a bonus objective and in return, enemies in further Albanian missions are weaker and easier to kill.