Felix (Ragbag) in captivity.

Ragbag is a Brazillian character/informant in SOCOM II: U.S. Navy Seals. His real name is Felix. He is found during the fourth mission of the game: Urban Sweep.

When the United States is contacted to help bring down the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Brazil (RAFB), Felix agrees to provide Specter's SEAL team with information on a local RAFB cell leader, Lucimar, in the hopes of crippling the groups leadership and recruitment capabilities. He arranges to meet in a specified location in the slums of Rio Dejanaro, Brazil.

Specter, Jester, Wardog, and Vandal arrive in the city and clear the immediate area of RAFB threats, and then procede to the rendevous point to receive the intel. However, when they arrive, Felix, under the alias Ragbag, is nowhere to be seen. Specter notices activity in the building accross the street, and realizes that Ragbag has been captured by women named Vidonia and Lianor, members of the RAFB.

Felix has history with the RAFB due to his sister, who is noted to be a "fallen comrade" and therefore is intercepted by the terrorists when he is spotted in the slums. Vidonia finds it very suspicious that he is in the area on the same night that Quixada, the group's leader is meeting with Lucimar. Ragbag tries to stall for time by saying that he is only there to drink with some friends and that he had no idea of Vidonia's presence in the city that night, but it does not work. His captors seem to be on to his lies, and Vidonia beats him to try and force him to tell the truth.

Shortly after, Specter's team arrives and rescues Ragbag, who flees in fear. The SEALS eventually catch up with him, and he gives the team the intelligence. He decides to stay out of sight while Specter and his team handle the situation in the city.