The Iron Brotherhood

The Iron Brotherhood

The Iron Brotherhood is a terrorist group featured in Socom: US Navy Seals. They are the first group that Kahuna's team take on. They are made up of former Spetsnaz agents. In the game's first mission, the Iron Brotherhood had attempted to purchase large quantities of weapons from black market dealers, but their cargo ship is destroyed. The game's second mission targeted the Iron Brotherhood's base of operations in Alaska, which resulted in the capture of a defector and vital information on the Brotherhood's operations. In the third mission the Brotherhood captured an offshore oil rig. The group rigged the platform with bombs and captured the workers. The SEAL team thwarted the attempts by defusing the bombs and eliminating the remaining Brotherhood operatives.

After the three missions are complete the group is so crippled that it's operations fall apart and the organization is for all intents and purposes destroyed.

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